Material from past presentations, events and features that Jessica Oddi participated in. Each listed event has different resources depending on the type of presentation.
Jessica strives to make her involvement in events more accessible. If you have any advice on how she can make her engagements better for your needs, please get in touch!

best practices for accessible social media design

[ November 16, 2021 ]

  • Event: The Design + Accessibility Summit online event hosted by Creative Pro.
  • Role: Presenter.
  • Format: Pre-recorded video presentation with closed captions and an accessible PDF handout. Recording of this event is only available to registered attendees.

this presentation is disabled

[ November 10, 2021 ]

  • Event: Talk for RGD‘s Design ReThinkers 2021 virtual event from November 8 – 19.
  • Role: Presenter.
  • Topic: Digital accessibility is a basic human right. Join Jess in exploring how designers can support the disabled community. Breaking down stigmas (and barriers) that keep us from adapting our practices. And of course, covering web and social media practices used by the community.
  • Format: Google Slide presentation deck and Doc transcript. Recording of this event is only available for registered attendees.

disability in design: a table xi presentation on digital accessibility

[ August 31, 2021 ]

  • Event: Presentation for Table XI part of an internal team workshop event.
  • Role: Presenter.
  • Format: External link to the Google Slides presentation deck. Recording of this event is unavailable for the public.

violent vs. non-violent allyship

[ June 26, 2021 ]

  • Event: WATBD 2021 Conference: Designing and Organizing for Black Liberation. Hosted by Where are the Black Designers?

  • Role: Violent vs. Non-Violent Allyship segment panel moderated by Ritesh Gupta. Guest panelist along side Shabnam Kashani, Juan Villanueva, Heather Lee Nguyen and Aaron Draplin.

  • Format: External link to the WATBD YouTube channel‘s recording of the 2021 Conference (button skips to the start of the Violent vs. Non-Violent Allyship panel). Video contains ASL interpretation.

is it accessible? a primer on social media and design accessibility

[ March 11, 2021 ]

  • Event: Workshop presentation. Hosted by Wethos.
  • Role: Presenter.
  • Format: Live presentation with auto-captions and a pre-provided transcript (that didn’t include the Q and A). Recording adapted here to include updated closed captions and full transcript.

disabled design: understanding accessible practices

[ February 4, 2021 ]

  • Event: Practice Makes: Accessibility – A Remote Design Lecture Series. Hosted by Digital Products, an Accenture Studio.
  • Role: Guest presenter.
  • Format: Pre-recorded video with open captions and transcript (which didn’t include the live Q and A segment after using auto-captions). Video adapted here to replace open captions with closed captions and the original transcript. Q and A segment not recorded.

the power of solidarity: showing up as disabled allies

[ December 13, 2020 ]

  • Event: Speak On It! Allies in Action. Hosted by Black Designers Ignite.
  • Role: Guest presenter.
  • Format: Live presentation with auto-captions. Recording and captioning provided by Black Designers Ignite. Adapted transcript added.

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