jessica oddi

jessica oddi

[ jEs-i-kuh OH-dee ]

Taking a personal approach with inclusive work, designs for businesses, and unique invites.


Accessible and inclusive work for and with disabled folk and other communities.


Design, branding and websites for start-ups or businesses looking for a new look.


Unique wedding or event invitations for local clients. Includes custom bundles.

meet jess (she/her)

Jessica Oddi is a disabled graphic designer in Canada with versatility to spare. She specializes in crafting pieces tailored to exceed the desires of her clients. Freelancing since 2012, she undertakes projects on every scale — her work has even been featured in the New York Stock Exchange! She delivers quality designs with prompt turnarounds for clients in every industry, with a limitless and adaptable style.

Jessica is particularly interested in collaborations involving much needed representation, inclusivity and empowerment. You can find her on The Disabled List, or see her latest work here alongside influential people in the community. Jessica has also been featured in Canadian Women in Design. She also runs (or rather: rolls) The Disabled Life with her sister, Lianna. Her work is widely recognized and adored in the disabled community.

Bio by KarLeia
Photo by Alexandra Del Bello
Makeup by Central Beauty Bar
Location Red Church Cafe

Jessica in her power wheelchair outside of a coffee shop.

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