Accessible and inclusive work for disabled and/or marginalized spaces.

accessible design

Branding as outlined on the design page with elements for accessibility. Logos and brands include: alt text, colour contrast charts, legibility, and access guides.

Accessible websites built based on WCAG 2.1 guides. Tested for screen-reading tech. Optimized for accessibility given the site platform’s capability. Added widget for user control over the website. Built considering all disabilities.

digital art

Digital art work to represent the disabled community and marginalized spaces. Services include drawings for social ads or digital spaces.

Please review an ethical guide to inclusive design before reaching out for work. Jess strives to represent all communities. But she will not take on work for a community she is not part of without collaborating with a member of that space.


Jess is available for accessible consulting in design. Services include giving advice on design, and offering tips for social media accessibility. Please note that accessible design requires more research than one perspective. It is a continual practice.

You can reach out to Jess for public presenting. She is passionate about disability representation. As well as ethical design practices.

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