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Invitations should be as beautiful and unique as your special occasion! Why choose a template when you can can get something truly original? From richer paper stocks and embossing / gold foil options, to illustrated elements, each invitation is custom made with your vision in mind.

You decide just what you'd like, and how involved you'd like to be in the entire process. Jessica uses a combination design and illustration to create exactly what you were hoping for.

Joddi Invitations offers one of a kind designs and packages for any occasion, including: weddings, bridal showers, stags, stag and does, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, special events + more.

Starting at $1.50 / invitation (additional pricing for materials or embellishments).

Not sure of exactly what you need for your next event? No problem! Contact Jessica today to check her availability, or for a quote / free consultation.

Click the button below to see 15 of Jessica's latest projects. For more work, search #joddiinvitations on instagram, or follow her on pinterest.

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